2019: PhD Political Geography from Royal Holloway with a focus on maritime and ship geographies, power relations, materiality, and immigration. Funded by competitive cross-disciplinary Reid Scholarship and supervised by Peter Adey (Geography), the late Chris Rumford (Political Sociology), Antara Datta (Politics and International Relations) with support from Klaus Dodds (Geography).

Thesis: The Icebreaker Northland: Nautical Geographies of Power in Territorial Alaska and British-Mandate Palestine. 

In 1927, the 208' United States Coast Guard icebreaker Northland embarked on its first seasonal Bering Sea Patrol Cruise with 85 officers and crew on board. That same ship became the post-war Palestine blockade-runner Medinat ha'Yeudim that transported 3,000 Jewish survivors from the Black Sea to Palestine. In each case, the ship was an essential element in assemblages of political power that coalesced to exert or challenge power, particularly state authority. The Bering Sea Patrol Force ship was known as a 'floating government,' enforcing laws, delivering mail and rescuing ice-bound ships. The Medinat ha'Yeudim, with thousands of Jewish survivors onboard, challenged the legitimacy of the British-Mandate of Palestine. This thesis addresses the question of how, when and in what ways ships participate in assemblages of power using the research surface of these two versions of Northland sourced from its object biography. 

2014: MSc Geopolitics and Security at Royal Holloway, University of London (Distinction). 

Dissertation Topic: Place, Politics and the Scottish Referendum.

1987: MSc Labour Relations and Organizational Development. London School of Economics.

1985: BA (dual) Political Science and Journalism, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Teaching & Service


Tutor: Undergraduate Course Introduction to Human Geography. 

Royal Holloway, University of London, 2016.

Organizer with Prof. Chris Rumford: Bordering Strangeness: Viewing Film as Source Material. Somerset House, London. 

Funded by Security and Sustainability Theme, Royal Holloway, University of London. 2015. 

Organizer of MSc. Geopolitics and Security Field Trip to Flanders Fields, 

Belgium, 2015. 

Leader of Post Graduate Reading Offsite: Making Sense of the Concept of Assemblage. 

The Peacock Country Inn, Hertfordshire, UK. 2017. 

Professional Affiliations


Member, American Association of Geographers 

Member, Royal Geographic Society

Member, Alaska Historical Society



Microsoft Corp: Director Global Product Management (Prior Career Path) 1999 - 2014

10 years of product development experience in business applications and consumer online space

5 years of product management experience in business applications space

Graduate, Women Unlimited Executive Training Program for Fortune 500 Women

Product management strategist immersed in all aspects of product development and product management for Microsoft during award-winning 15-year career, delivered innovative solutions that rose to the forefront of their markets. Blended deep understanding of emerging business needs with technical expertise, and further served as Influential change agent skilled in developing global staff to become robust, self-directed teams. 


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