Publications and Presentations


Conference Talks & Lectures


The Scottish Referendum: Provoking Futures. Session in Association of Border Studies International Conference 2013. Joensuu, Finland & St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Pandora's Box opened: 'hot' nationalism escapes in recent political campaigns. Doctoral Summer School Conference 2014, Royal Holloway, University of London. 

From the Angle of a Vessel, Material Entanglement with Political Identities. 2016 Politics and International Relations Summer Symposium. Royal Holloway, University of London.

Model-Making as Method, 2016 Post Graduate Symposium. Royal Holloway, University of London.

From the Angle of a Vessel: The Refugee Ship as a Viapolitical Site of Strategic Political Action. 2016 Conference (Dis)Assembling State Spaces: Conceptualizing New Geometries of Power. Warwick University. 

Musters and Migration: Identity Formation at Sea.Royal Geographic Society Conference 2017 in Session ‘Place and Identity: Challenging Narratives on the Sea and Blue Growth.’ London.

Floating Courts and Vows on Board: Ship Geographies and Government Reach. Royal Geographic Society Conference 2017 in Session ‘A Geography of Small Things’. London. 

The Oomiak and the Ice Breaker: Navigating the Maritime Border between the Diomede Islands. American Association of Geographers Annual Conference 2019 in Session ‘Bridging Remote Regions of the Arctic and Beyond II.’ Washington, D.C. 

The Bering Sea Patrol: The Extension of Federal Power to Territorial Alaska. Lecture for the University of Alaska Arctic and Northern Studies Program, Environmental History Postgraduate Course. Fairbanks, Alaska. 



Chapter: Power and Place at Sea: Stories from the Northland’s Biography in Sea Lines of Communication (2016). University of Southampton Press.

Article: Early Arctic Oceanography: Arnold Morton's Bering Sea Patrol Adventure, 1937 (Pending).


Article: Mystery Island of the Aleutians: The Elusive Metamorphosis of Bogslof (Pending). 

Article: Model-making as Method in Human Geography (Pending).